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Reinforced tape 23181

Our fiberglass reinforced tape is a product that is made up of three components: a polyester backing film, glass fibres and a hotmelt adhesive based on synthetic rubber. It is the structure that guarantees perfect strength parameters, including tensile strength >400N /25mm and adhesion force to many surface types (>17N /25mm). These properties of crosswoven reinforces tapes make the product suitable to a variety of applications, not only as a packaging tape.

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Application examples

  • Packaging
  • Wrapping /bundling
  • Protection of loads
  • Technological joints
  • Reinforcement of cardboard packages
  • Production of furniture

Being rated among leading converters of self-adhesive materials in Central Europe we implemented a broad series of processing technologies. Obviously, the standard product with the reel width of 50 mm and tape length of 50 m is our flagship but any other combinations of reel width and tape length are also available on demand.

Crosswoven fiberglass reinforced tape is a strong material designed for heavy duty packages, made of corrugated cardboard with as many as 7 plies. The hotmelt adhesive based on synthetic rubber guarantees excellent bonding strength to surfaces of most packaging materials. Crosswoven filaments with crisscross pattern of fiberglass thread make the product a perfect solution for many other applications, where stability of material, tear resistance and peel resistance down all possible direction of impacts is the key. First and foremost these applications include joints between different material plies to prevent such sandwich products against possible delamination or tears.

Advantages of reinforced tapes

Key advantages of reinforced the tape include:

  • Perfect adhesion to most of surface materials
  • Excellent peel adhesion and tear resistance
  • Customized production upon individual requests of customers
  • Options with no logos (no name product) or marking with a customer’s logo

Since tapes are originally winded onto JUMBO reels, they can be cut-to-length and packaged according to individual requirements of our customers. Tapes can be coiled onto no-name bobbins but, upon request, bobbins can be provided with a customer’s logo, so called Private Labels. The reel width may range from 5 mm up to 1000 mm and tape unit length may differ from the standard size of 50 m, for instance can be 100 m, 200 m, 300 m or even more.

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Eko-tech Converting Company - Taśma zbrojona

Standard tape length: 50m

Customized tape length:
100 m, 300 m, 500 m, other lengths upon request.

Standard dimensions of tape

12 mm x 50 m

15 mm x 50 m

19 mm x 50 m

25 mm x 50 m

30 mm x 50 m

38 mm x 50 m

50 mm x 50 m

75 mm x 50 m

100 mm x 50 m

Customized tape width: from 5 mm to 1000 mm

Basic technical properties

Eko-tech Converting Company


Polyester film




Glass fibres


Synthetic rubber


0.140 mm


>400N / 25mm


> 17.0 N/25mm


-20°C to +60°C


DIN 55477


Tape length of 50m, 300 m, 1000 m /width from 3 mm to 1000 mm

Storage: up to 12 months in dry and free of dust rooms at a room temperature

Customized imprints


Our products can be provided with “private logos” for customers that wish to promote own brands on packaging materials.

A customer’s logo can be placed on the cardboard spindle inside the tape reel, on a attachable tag, a unit disposable package or on a collective package, e.g. a cardboard box.

Eko-tech Converting Company

About us

EKO-TECH is a leading converter of self-adhesive materials in the Central Europe. Modern machinery stock and various processing technologies place us under equal terms among global leaders in converting of self-adhesive materials. Our long-term experience enabled us to develop products that perfectly meets demands of the market and with the perfect balance between quality and price.


Eko-tech Converting Company

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EKO-TECH Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością spółka komandytowa
ul. Fabryczna 1B, 42-660 Kalety

tel: 34 3578 624
fax: 34 3527 595

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