Eko-tech Converting Company - Taśma wzmacniana krzyżowo

At EKO-TECH, we manufacture adhesive tapes and industrial self-adhesive solutions.

One of Our popular products is our cross-woven reinforced tape. This product is based on a fiberglass reinforced film equipped with synthetic rubber adhesive.

Cross-woven-reinforced tapes are commonly used in packaging, transportation and manufacturing where a strong and reliable tape is needed to hold heavy or bulky items. The tape is also used in the construction and automotive industries to secure and reinforce materials.

We produce solutions sought after by our customers. Cross-reinforced tape can be produced in rolls, sheets, industrial spools or die cuts. All this to provide customers with the easiest possible access to the product and to facilitate its application.

We produce reinforced tape in JUMBO rolls, LOG rolls or rolls of a specific width in the range of 3mm to 1020mm. These possibilities allow a very wide application of Our tape.

In addition, we can adjust the length of the roll by appropriate rewinding or spooling. Rolls can be 10m long or even 10000m long.

Eko-tech Converting Company - Taśma wzmacniana krzyżowo

The versatility of reinforced tape proves itself in numerous applications in thought, not only in packaging, but also as a tape for product reinforcement or technological bonding.

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